Trump says he canceled secret Camp David meeting with Taliban leaders

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President Donald Trump aforementioned Sat that Taliban leaders were to trip the North American nation for secret peace talks this weekend however that the meeting has been canceled and he is known as off peace talks with the militant cluster entirely.

Trump tweeted that he scrapped the meeting once the Taliban took credit for associate attack in Asian country|national capital}, Afghanistan, that killed a dozen individuals, together with associate yankee soldier.

US service member killed in capital of Afghanistan suicide bomb attack
Inviting Taliban leaders onto yankee soil is associate unprecedented move and a big development in America’s longest running war simply days from the day of remembrance of the Sep 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. It comes once Trump aforementioned as recently as late last month that he’s attending to withdraw thousands people forces from Asian country however can keep eight,600 troops within the country a minimum of for the nowadays. it is not clear if Trump’s Sat night announcement can impact that arrange.
“Unbeknownst to nearly everybody, the foremost Taliban leaders and, separately, the President of Asian country, were planning to on the QT MEet with me at Camp David on Sunday,” Trump tweeted Sat night.
Trump claimed that before traveling to the North American nation on Sat evening, “Unfortunately, so as to make false leverage, they admitted to……an attack in capital of Afghanistan that killed one amongst our nice nice troopers, and eleven others.”
“I straightaway off the meeting and known as off peace negotiations,” Trump superimposed.
military analyst John Kirby, a retired Navy flag officer and former State Department and Pentagon voice, known as the news “stunning,” locution this could offer the Taliban “a boost of political legitimacy that they do not merit at this stage in negotiations and would be an enormous information triumph for them, to not mention a slap at the Afghan government and President Ghani.”
The President slammed the leaders for thinking that the attacks would improve their negotiating position.
“What quite individuals would kill such a big amount of so as to on the face of it strengthen their dialogue position?” he tweeted. “They did not, they … solely created it worse!”
The State Department referred  to the White House for comment. The North American nation National council didn’t reply to request for comment.
The insurgent cluster has not halted its campaign of violence because the peace talks with the {us|United States|United States of America|America|US|U.S.|USA|U.S.A.|North yankee country|North American nation} have taken place however Thursday’s killing of associate American once a deal was reportedly shut seems to possess prompted the dramatic move from the President.
The Pentagon proclaimed weekday that Sgt. 1st-class mail Elis Angel Barreto Ortiz was killed in Asian country. Barreto, a 34-year-old soldier from Morovis, Puerto RICO Act, died once a bomb exploded at a stop close to NATO headquarters and therefore the North American nation embassy in capital of Afghanistan. Barreto is that the sixteenth North American nation service member to be killed in Asian country in 2019, and 3 alternative yankee service members are killed in recent weeks.
The Afghan government didn’t push for the cancellation of the meeting at Camp David once the Taliban attack on, it had been a choice by the White House and therefore the State Department, per a supply acquainted with the design.
Despite Trump locution in his tweet Sat that peace negotiations area unit known as off, new dates area unit being mentioned by the White House for a possible meeting with the Taliban and therefore the Afghan government, the supply says. It’s unclear if the Taliban can have to be compelled to build onerous and quick commitments before the meeting or if Trump is mistreatment the cancellation and rescheduling merely as a negotiating plan of action.
The North American nation troop withdrawals might mark the start of the conflict triggered by 9/11 that has price billions in payer bucks and claimed quite two,300 yankee lives.
In his tweets, Trump forged doubt on the leaders’ dialogue skills in light-weight of the killings.
“If they can’t comply with a ceasefire throughout these important peace talks, and would even kill twelve innocent individuals, then they most likely do not have the facility to barter a meaningful agreement anyway,” he added. “How more decades area unit they willing to fight?”
Secret meeting within the works
Earlier on was told by a supply advised on the matter that the State Department and therefore the National council were functioning on planning a North American nation-Afghan government meeting in addition as a US-Taliban meeting on US soil, although the situation was ne’er expressly expressed. Asian country needed it sooner instead of later, however the North American nation aspect was observing the center of this month because the possibly date.
Trump was concerned within the designing in person, hoping that it might return to fruition within the coming back week, the supply aforementioned. He got in person hooked up to the result and therefore the supply of the talks once meeting with high advisers regarding the Afghan social process in August.
Before that, North American nation Special Envoy for Asian country Zalmay Khalilzad had been given an extended leash {to do|to try to to|to try associated do} the negotiating to bring all parties — together with the Taliban — to an agreement.
A supply acquainted with details of the meeting told CNN the arrange had been for Trump to satisfy singly with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and with the Taliban’s chief communicator, Muhammedan Abdul Ghani Baradar. If Trump’s conferences had gone well, the hope was to convert the 2 Afghans to satisfy face to face.
The stakes were high, per the supply, as a result of it might are politically venomous for Muhammedan Baradar to satisfy with Ghani. The Taliban communicator isn’t approved to speak to the Afghan government.
The Afghan government had for months been pissed off that that they had not been invited to Washington by Trump throughout his initial 2 and a [*fr1] years in workplace. Afghan officers had planned to come back last year right once world organization General Assembly meeting however the trip fell apart as a result of the temporal order didn’t calculate, and therefore the Trump administration canceled the visit.
Trump’s announcement Sat comes because the North American nation and therefore the Taliban looked as if it would be on the brink of finalizing a peace deal. Khalilzad came back to port, Qatar, on to resume talks with the Taliban.
Khalilzad had told Afghanistan’s TOLOnews on Monday that the North American nation and therefore the Taliban have reached associate agreement “in principle,” unfinished final approval by Trump.
Khalilzad aforementioned that supported the draft agreement, the North American nation would pull troops from 5 bases across Asian country among one hundred thirty five days farewell because the Taliban met conditions embarked on within the agreement. The North American nation presently has regarding fourteen,000 service members in Asian country, aboard NATO troops, serving to to coach and advise Afghan troops and conducting scheme operations.
This story has been updated with further developments Sat.

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