Todd Starnes: Anti-Trump Rep. Castro taught a lesson

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Rep. Joaquin socialist learned a really necessary life lesson the opposite day. It seems the gun-toting, Bible-clinging Trump supporters in metropolis don’t take kindly to an official WHO disrespects their cut.

Castro, D-Texas, recently revealed an inventory of President Trump’s prime metropolis donors. He conjointly doxed their places of employment.

“Their contributions square measure supplying a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders’,” socialist wrote on Twitter.

One of the companies the legislator targeted for political retribution was Bill Miller Bar-B-Q, one in every of the foremost well-liked cut and sweet tea joints in metropolis.

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For those of you north of the state boundary, consumption cut are a few things of a worship expertise. I’ve detected stories from the Hill Country that some Baptist churches in those elements really serve cut and sweet tea for the Lord’s Supper.

Castro should have fanciful thousands of San Antonians connection on the barbecue joints armed with torches and pitchforks, terrorizing customers within the drive-thru and staging boycotts. He should have unreal regarding virtually running infernal region masters out of city.

But there square measure some rules regarding living within the Lone Star State. You head to church on Sunday. You don’t speak unhealthy regarding somebody’s mummy. And you don’t mess with the cut.

The day once socialist revealed that hateful screed, thousands of Texans heaped into their pickup trucks and drove to the closest Bill Miller Bar-B-Q.

Social media reports flooded in showing large drive-thru lines backing up onto busy streets. Hungry customers with patience waited in lines out the door.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted a photograph of a plate heaped high with barbecue noting it absolutely was a “perfect night for @BillMillerBarBQ.”

Conservatives have rallied to the restaurant’s defense, very similar to they did once Chick-fil-A was victimised by leftist bullies over the company’s Christian beliefs. bear in mind that story?

In my forthcoming book, “Culture Jihad: a way to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation,” I urge conservatives to square up to the militant thugs and bullies WHO wish to destroy this nation. and that we cannot permit ourselves to be intimidated by a bunch of pajama boy liberals and their pink-hat-wearing gal friends.

In the days once Castro’s plan to dox and destroy Trump supporters, one thing uncommon happened. rather than being afraid, conservatives determined to get up – and fight back.

“We found that our fundraising really has gone up since the legislator tried to out those individuals and shame someone for supporting President Trump,” Lara Trump told Pine Tree State throughout associate interview on “The Todd Starnes Radio Show.” She aforesaid Castro’s hate-tweet was “sick and twisted.”

“People don’t like this,” Lara Trump, WHO is that the president’s in-law and a senior adviser to his election campaign, told me. “This isn’t acceptable. once has it ever been okay to harass individuals and check out and silence them and build a trial to prevent them from contribution to a political campaign simply because you trouble it?”

The Republican National Committee conjointly reports associate dealings in donations once the recent attacks on Trump donors. And it’s clear to Pine Tree State that Americans square measure causing a message to political punks WHO suppose it’s okay to bully non-public voters.

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