Northern California braced for mega power cut

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Large swathes of the port of entry Bay space – tho’ not town itself – area unit expected to be affected.

The region’s utility company, Pacific Gas and electrical (PG&E), has warned the clean up may last many days.

The move has drawn anger from some residents.

With weather forecasts predicting high winds, the move is meant to forestall the danger of fallen power lines igniting the type of wildfires that have desolated giant areas of the state in previous years.

“The conditions area unit ripe: dry fuel, high winds, warm event. Any spark will produce a major event,” aforesaid Ray Riordan, director of the workplace of Emergency Management in San Jose, throughout a group discussion on weekday.

The huge “Camp Fire” within the city of Paradise last year burned a hundred and fifty,000 acres and left eighty six folks dead. AN investigation determined that poorly maintained PG&E instrumentation was answerable for beginning the blaze – the deadliest in California’s history.

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The firm was additionally darned for deadly fires in 2017. resulting lawsuits junction rectifier the publicly-traded company to declare bankruptcy in 2019, a method that continues to be current. PG&E is that the sole supplier of gas and electricity for abundant of Northern American state, and then the overwhelming majority of shoppers within the region don’t have an alternate supply of power.

Media captionRebuilding Paradise: ‘Our city is gone’
“We have experienced AN unexampled hearth season the past 2 years,” aforesaid Tamar Sarkissian, a PG&E representative, chatting with BBC partner CBS News.

“And what we have a tendency to learned from that’s that we’d like to be taking additional steps to make sure the protection of our customers and therefore the communities that we have a tendency to serve. Public safety power shut off is one in every of the numerous steps that we’re taking.”

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