Elon Musk and Jack Ma discuss AI at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai

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At the Shanghai assemblage Center in China, hosting the 2019 World computer science Conference, Elon Musk and Jack Ma began proceedings with a 45-minute dialogue round the risks and potential rewards related to computer science whereas conjointly discussing Mars, work culture and chimpanzees among alternative topics.
Elon Musk, the school businessperson and Tesla business executive, changed views on-stage with Jack Ma, Chinese have and co-founder of the transnational conglomerate Alibaba cluster, over the risks and advantages of computer science.

“Does AI mean love? there is sort of a name, AI, it style of sounds a small amount like love?” began Musk to that Ma divertingly replied “Yeah AI…I hate the word AI referred to as computer science. I decision it Alibaba intelligence.”

Both leaders had completely different opinions on the implications of the technology wherever optimistic Ma aforesaid that he did not contemplate AI to be a threat, “I do not know, man, that is like, known last words,” replied Musk. consistent with the Tesla business executive, most of the people consider AI as a wise human however he aforesaid it’s attending to be rather more than that. “It’ll be abundant smarter than the neatest human.”

He additional highlighted AI’s capability to be abundant smarter than humans by spoken language that “the biggest mistake that I see computer science researchers creating is assumptive that they are intelligent. yea they are not, compared to AI. so like, tons of them cannot imagine one thing smarter than themselves, however AI are immensely smarter—vastly.”

Jack Ma, meanwhile, attributable Elon with having a vision concerning technology and aforesaid that he himself isn’t a “tech guy” as he is “all concerning life” and thinks that AI can open a replacement chapter sanctionative folks to grasp themselves higher. “99.99 % of the predictions that men had in history concerning the future—all wrong,” aforesaid Ma to that Musk responded “Including that one?”

Talking concerning technology that is dynamic at associate “incredibly fast” rate, Musk aforesaid that “it is outpacing our ability to grasp it,” and he wasn’t certain if that was sensible or dangerous. He additional commented on “humanity” being a “biological boot loader for digital super intelligence.”

When asked by Ma concerning his curiosity for Mars, Musk aforesaid that he thinks it absolutely was “important for United States of America to require the set of actions that area unit possibly to continue consciousness into the long run….where area unit the aliens? this can be the Fermi contradiction. this can be one in every of the foremost necessary queries. why we’ve got not found any aliens? There area unit folks out there United Nations agency assume we’ve found aliens. Trust me, i’d understand. we’ve got not.”

Commenting on AI’s role as a force permanently in reducing work hours, Ma aforesaid that AI would facilitate produce new styles of jobs that need less of our time. “I assume folks ought to work 3 days every week, four hours every day,” which in computer science, folks would be able to live to tell the tale for a hundred and twenty years.

With the controversy lasting over forty five minutes, the executives touched on education systems, disagreed over machines outsmarting humans and terminated that population collapse was the largest drawback the globe baby-faced over future twenty years.

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